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I am repulsed by how many notes this post is getting

I try my very best to keep politics off my blog, and have often turned my cheek at some posts which have made the state of Israel out to be something it is not, but this time, I can’t ignore it.

Firstly, I’m going to make this clear: I do not support every single action the Israeli government has taken in it’s 62 years of existence - so I’d appreciate it if anyone who feels the need to bitch at me for this post would hold back in assuming that I have a totally biased point of view.

I’m astounded at how many notes this post is receiving, and I am hurt because I follow some people who have reblogged this, people who struck me previously as the type who actually look a little further into what they read on the internet and come out with fair-handed and well-educated opinions. Sigh, I was sadly mistaken.

The air strikes Israel lead in the Gaza strip today were a response to a series of rocket and mortar attacks sent from radical Islamist groups within Gaza into Israel. Source

For seven years, Israeli towns such as Ashkelon suffered from these rocket and mortar attacks up until Operation Cast Lead was carried out by the IDF. Let me stress this point, for seven years Israel put off performing any counter attacks, in fact, during this time Israel continued sending in supplies and aid into the Gaza strip to aid it’s inhabiting civilians. Now let me ask you, How long would it take the British or American government to respond to even one rocket or mortar attack in one of it’s towns or cities?

Now, I do not sing the praises of Operation Cast Lead in it’s entirety, I cried at how many civilians were wounded and killed, but I also don’t know what else could have been done. Israel’s army invests more than any other country’s in technology which is tailored to minimize civilian casualties. During Operation Cast Lead the Israeli army sent out warnings to civilians in areas where they had detected the presence of the terrorists that they were targeting. These warnings told civilians they were in an area which the army was going to attack and told them to exit these areas for their own safety, yet again, I must ask, how many others countries would risk losing their chance at hitting a target in an attempt to reduce civilian casualties? How many other countries would also send in ambulances and provide aid to the civilians they wounded? Regina Spektor at the time wrote in a blog at the time her stance on the conflict and I agree with her in every single way, so for a far more coherent and well-thought out defence of Israel’s actions during the time of Operation Cast Lead, may I redirect you to here.

The main point I would like to arrive to is that Israel is not an Apartheid state. Far from it. Calling it one is to do it and it’s people and it’s history an injustice. As I said before, I don’t think Israel is perfect, but it’s a damn better country than most people give it credit for, and people should really look further into the Middle East Conflict with an open mind to both sides than forming conclusions so quickly.

Whilst we’re on the subject, can I also point out this harrowing news story which came to my attention last week, and I think stories like this suitably demonstrate the mindset of the Palestinian Militants which Israel is opposing. You really want to support these people? I support innocent Palestinian civilians who want peace just as much as the vast majority of Israeli civilians and the Israeli government do, but if you want to blame someone for putting their lives at risk - blame Hamas, blame the radicals, don’t blame the IDF.

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